Jason Segel has found a friend in Casey Affleck


Actor Jason Segel says he bonded really well with actor Casey Affleck while working on the film Our Friend.

“I just did a movie over quarantine where up until the moment, I did not know how to do the part that I have been hired to do. I took it thinking I will figure this out by the time I get there, and I did not figure it out till I arrived,” Segel said.

“So I called Casey Affleck and told him what I was struggling with, and he gave me just the best advice. So yeah, I made a really good friend in Casey from this movie,” he added.

The film follows the real life story of journalist Matthew Teague, his wife Nicole and their best friend Dane, as the trio gear up to face Nicole’s battle with terminal cancer.

“This movie is about a million different things,” said Segel, who essays the role of Dane.

“It’s about grief, it’s about friendship, it’s about loss, it’s about selflessness, and it’s about service”, he added.

Our Friend, directed by Gabriela Cowperthwaite, will be released by PVR Pictures in India on February 12.