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Jason Sudeikis suspected to play ‘cupid’ for Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce

Actor Jason Sudeikis may have helped in setting up the romance between singer Taylor Swift and player Travis Kelce.

After the NFL star detailed how his romantic relationship with the pop superstar began, fans have speculated that the actor was the one who played “cupid” for thecouple.

The ‘Ted Lasso’ star was revealed to have attended one of Swift’s concerts in Kansas City at the same time as Kelce, who tried to give his phone number to the Grammy winner at the time, reports

The former ‘Saturday Night Live’ cast member was then photographed hanging out with the 33-year-old singer/songwriter just one week later, giving him the perfect opportunity to mention Travis’ failed attempt to reach out to her.

Sudeikis has not confirmed his supposed role in their romance, but he was thankful that she made a stop in his hometown.

“I was thankful to Taylor, just hanging out, coming to do two nights of shows here,” he told The Hollywood Reporter. “All my friends, people with kids, people without kids, just had a blast. And she was like, ‘Oh, it was an amazing run.’ “

Jokingly calling Taylor Kansas City’s “adopted daughter,” the 48-year-old comedian added that he is in full support of her relationship with Travis. “I don’t blame her for wanting to hang out here more, I don’t blame her for wanting to hang out with Travis,” he said, before quipping, “He’s a good egg.”

Jason’s comments prompted many Swifties to think that he was the one who set Taylor up with Travis. “y’all say thank you jason sudeikis for playing cupid for taylor and travis,” one person wrote on X, formerly Twitter.

Another joked: “i just love how jason sudeikis ended ted lasso and chose to play cupid for taylor swift and travis kelce over the summer just because he was bored.” A third weighed in, “y’all i fear jason sudeikis really is the thread that connects it all together.”

It was previously reported that Taylor reconsidered her Thanksgiving plans following the “traumatising” death of a fan at her Brazil concert.

“The Brazil concerts… She is devastated about a fan dying. The weather is extreme. It’s a mess she didn’t expect. It’s been a traumatic experience. It’s been a lot,” a source told Page Six on Monday.



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