Jatin Pandit: People don’t go to theatres to watch music of a film today


Jatin Pandit, one half of Bollywoods iconic composer duo Jatin-Lalit, is happy that non-film and indie music is becoming big, because he feels that film songs dont often “suit the movie characters”.

“Nowadays, musical films are few. Most movies are biopics or based on real events or the song doesn’t suit to the movie character. Hence musicians started producing independent singles or covers as new mediums are enabling that,” he tells IANS.

Lack of good film music, Jatin feels, is down to multiple composers collaborating on one soundtrack, and he adds that the audience is increasingly driven to the theatre because of the film and not the music anymore.

“Bollywood music is a big canvas, but the concern is that nowadays our cinema has no scope for music, and we can see it in the increase in number of multi-composer films. Whereas in early days, film producers used to go for solo composers,” he says.

“Earlier, music would drive the audience to the theatres, but today people are not going to the theatre to watch the music of a film. They will go just for the movie,” adds Jatin, who isn’t really averse to the idea and feels the audience, just like the musicians, have found “new platforms to consume music other than just movies”.

“I personally feel it’s good, that such talented musicians who do not have any connection or network in the industry can still release music digitally. I believe this stage is really good as everyone can release digitally, which was not the case before,” says Jatin, who recently released his non-film single, “Dhadakte rehna”.

“Music has always been my inspiration and I have composed many songs but this one struck a chord. It is my personal favourite and the song actually inspired me to finish it eventually. My son Raahul suggested that I should release this as a single. I love to compose romantic, long lasting melodies and easy listening songs. That has always been my forte,” he signs off.