Jawahar Foundation empowering women in Rajasthan for a brighter future


From struggling to put food on the table to earn around Rs 300 per day, Sarita and Shaira are among hundreds of women who have come a long way from being unemployed daily wagers to becoming breadwinners of their families.

Like millions of daily wagers across India, the duo families were also affected by the sudden Covid-19 led lockdowns. In an instance, the two individuals and their husbands were unemployed, struggling to meet daily needs. Today, with the help of a Rajasthan-based Jawahar Foundation and their skill-based initiative like Jawahar Silayi Kendra, the duo can generate decent revenue on a monthly basis and provide better education to their children.

Under ‘Jawahar Silayi Kendra’ the foundation distributed sewing machines to more than 500 hundred women in parts of Rajasthan, including Bhilwara, Kota and Alwar. In order to provide these women with a regular income, the foundation is working closely with hundreds of women in Rajasthan, teaching them skills like sewing and other handicrafts.

“Welfare of the people and supporting our community is in our organisation’s DNA. We firmly believe that educating women, making them financially independent and promoting youth, creates a strong base for our communities to flourish. Considering this, we have been working round the clock to support women, young girls and youth,” said Founder of Jawahar Foundation, Riju Jhunjhunwala.

The majority of the foundation’s initiatives are aligned with the suggestions and programs formulated by international organisation like UNICEF and UN Women. According to Jawahar Foundation, empowering women leads to gender equality, poverty eradication, and inclusive economic growth.

Therefore, the foundation is uplifting women in rural parts of Rajasthan and educating youth in these areas, guiding them to a successful path. In addition to this, Jawahar Foundation has also been organising food services for underprivileged people. So far, Jawahar Foundation has served over 1,50,000 meals as a part of their Swabhiman Bhoj program.



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