JD-U leader stands firm on his ‘Karbala’ remark (Ld)

JD-U leader Gulam Rasool Balyawi stood firm on his controversial ‘Karbala’ remarks that he had made in Jharkhand’s Hazaribagh district on Thursday.

“I am firm on my statement and need not to take it back,” Balyawi said.

“Karbala is meant to sacrifice everything. We will give everything but we cannot allow humanity and brotherhood to be sacrificed,” he said.

The former MP also sought a ‘Muslim Safety Act’ “to keep the rights of Muslim community intact in the country”.

“At present, the government is declaring our youths terrorists and keeping them in prisons. If our children are protesting, they are being killed. Hence, we need a Muslim Safety Act in the country,” Balyawi said.

On Thursday, while targeting sacked BJP leader Nupur Sharma, he said, “We will turn the cities into Karbala, if anyone would point fingers at Prophet Mohammad.”

Balyawi had made the controversial remarks while addressing a convention on social reform that was conducted by an organisation called ‘Idara-e-Shariah’ in Hazaribagh on Thursday.

Nupur Sharma, during a TV debate show in June 2022, had made objectionable remarks on Prophet Mohammad. Following her statement, protests erupted at several places in the country. Even several gulf countries made objections to her remarks.

Later, she apologised and unconditionally withdrew her statement noting that it was never her intention to hurt anyone’s religious feelings.




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