Jennifer Jason Leigh and Ariana De Bose to star in Chris Pine’s directorial debut

‘Wonder Woman’ and ‘Star Trek’ actor Chris Pine is venturing into direction and his directorial debut feature is titled, ‘Poolman’.

As per the latest reports, the actor-director has roped in Ariana De Bose and Jennifer Jason Leigh for his debut feature.

As reported by Deadline, Chris Pine will also be starring in the movie and he plays the role of Darren Barrenman, an unlucky dreamer and amateur philosopher whose day is spent in looking after the swimming pool of an apartment block in LA. He also would spend his time crashing in on apartment meetings with the city council along with his neighbours Diane and Jack (Bening and De Vito).           

Barrenman uncovers one of the biggest water heists in LA history and so he ends up befriending a well connected and gorgeous femme fatale and follows all the possible leads with ‘has-been’ Hollywood stars, corrupt officers at the city council as well as anonymous benefactors.

Pine is also a co-writer for the movie along with Ian Gotler and he describes the movie as his tribute to LA and he will also be subtly honouring some iconic movie sets in Los Angeles. Danny De Vito and Annette Bening are also a part of the movie.

Chris Pine is also producing this movie along with Patty Jenkins and Stacey Sher. The movie is slated to begin production in June 2022. Jenkins and Pine are reuniting for Poolman. This is their latest collaboration, the previous ones being, the limited series, ‘I Am the Night’, ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ and ‘Wonder Woman’.

Work wise, Ariana De Bose recently won an award for her performance in ‘West Side Story’. She made history as the first openly queer woman of colour to win an Oscar. She will soon be hosting the 75th Annual Tony Awards slated to be held in New York on June 12, 2022.

Jennifer Jason Leigh’s recent appearance was in the TV series ‘Hunters’ and ‘Sharp Stick’ She also received an Oscar nomination for her role in ‘The Hateful Eight’.



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