Jennifer Lopez’s ‘Shotgun Wedding’ to release on Amazon Prime Video

‘Shotgun Wedding’, a romantic comedy movie starring Jennifer Lopez and Josh Duhamel in the lead is skipping a theatrical release and instead will have a digital release on Amazon Prime Video.

The movie was produced by Lionsgate, and the production house had originally intended to release this movie in theatres but instead it has sold the rights to the streaming giant.

As per Variety, Prime Video has acquired international rights to stream this action-comedy movie in many key territories.

‘Shotgun Wedding’ had a theatrical release date scheduled for June 29, but now it is unclear as to when it will release on Prime Video The release plans of the movie are yet to be finalised so some close sources state that its possible the movie might open in a select few cinemas on the same day as its release on Prime.

The sale by Lionsgate has happened at a time when domestic box office in the US is on its road to recovery from the shutdown and delays caused by Covid-19.

Recently, Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum starrer, ‘The Lost City’ opened in theatres and received a decent response.

In the beginning of January, Jennifer Lopez’s musical rom-com ‘Marry Me’ earned $49 million at the global box office while being streamed simultaneously on NBC’s Peacock.

As reported by Variety, Amazon made an irresistible offer to Lionsgate for ‘Shotgun Wedding’.  Lionsgate may also have taken into account the fact that they can avoid the scrutiny that inevitably comes with box-office reporting.

‘Shotgun Wedding’ has been directed by Jason Moore. In the movie Jennifer Lopez and Josh Duhamel gather their families together for their destination wedding. However, the couple start to get cold feet about the wedding and in the midst of this their entire wedding party gets taken hostage.

The other cast members of the movie include Sonia Braga, Selena Tan, Jennifer Coolidge, Lenny Kravitz and Cheech Marin.



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