Jennifer Metcalfe likens pregnancy to nine-month hangover

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London, Sep 17 (IANS) Actress Jennifer Metcalfe says she didn’t enjoy being pregnant, and compared it to suffering a hangover for nine months with constant nausea.

The “Hollyoaks” star, who had her first child Daye in June this year, is thrilled her pregnancy is all over, reports

The actress, who is in a relationship with Greg Lake, says she has never felt as body confident as she does after giving birth to a baby.

“I just felt pants every day. I just felt like I had a nine month hangover without the fun in-between obviously. Every day I just felt a bit sick,” Metcalfe said.

“Basically I had a bit of every pregnancy symptom you can get. I had a bit of constipation, I was beyond tired, the nausea was the worst because that started after six weeks and went right through until the end. I’m glad it’s over,” she added.

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Since giving birth, Metcalfe has been following the 5:2 diet, which involves eating in moderation five days a week but fasting for the remaining two days.

She said: “I’ve been it for two years now I obviously had my pregnancy off but I did use the light bites whilst I was pregnant because they were probably one of the few things I could get down that was some goodness into my body.

“I’ve been back on the programme for three weeks so I have five days of eating what I want in moderation and then I’ve been doing my two fasting days.”



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