Jeopardy rules on KMP Expressway, no succour to accident victims

Across the 135.6-km-long Kundli-Manesar-Palwal Expressway, police patrol vehicles are conspicuous by their absence and so are facilities for ambulances to rush to the aid of accident victims.

If a vehicle breaks down or suffers an accident, then the response time for police, an ambulance or other emergency vehicles to reach the spot is too long, adding to the woes of the victims.

What’s more worrying is that when any vehicle breaks down or meets with an accident, the local police and the administration do not even help to shift the vehicle from the road, thus, increasing the possibility for a further accidents. Vehicles remains there for two to three days before they are removed.

Adding to the danger, the expressway also has poor or no lighting at all across many stretches. There are not even any facilities for drinking water.

Even heavy vehicle drivers do not consider the KMP Expressway viable or safe, as there no earmarked passages for them or places where the vehicles can be safely parked. Adding to the problems, there are no facilities for providing food or water, making the drivers avoid the expressway when they can.




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