Los Angeles, June 6 (IANS) Actress Jessica Alba joined TikTok to bond with her children, and says that she wanted to do something they were into.

“That’s why I even went on it in the first place,” people.com quoted Alba as saying.

Alba is the mother of Hayes Alba, 2, Haven Garner, 8 and a half, and Honor Marie, 12.

“I wanted to do something they were into even if it was out of my comfort zone,” the actress said.

In her videos app, the actress is often seen with her daughters and husband Cash Warren.

“He’s only pretending,” Alba said, adding: “The girls and I have fun and we bond and they’re like, ‘Daddy, do one with us’. Because they love it.”

The actress loves being able to come “to their level”, which “is important for their confidence”.

“And not always just thinking that everything I like is what’s right,” she added.

Alba admitted that it takes her a bit longer to get the dance numbers right.

“They learn them in one second! For me it takes forever,” she said, adding: “But it’s really creative too. They’re directors. They do the transitions and it’s storytelling. I just think it’s really fun.”




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