Jewelleries worth Rs 8 lakh looted in Bihar’s Jahanabad

Unidentified gunmen looted jewelleries worth Rs 8 lakh in Bihar’s Jahanabad town on Monday morning.

As per Covid norms, the jewellery shops are not allowed to operate during the lockdown in Bihar.

The incident occurred in Shardha jewellers situated near Rajendra library under town police station in Jahanabad.

According to the police, the accused lured the owner of the shop to buy jewellery. The owner came in the hope of earning some money in the lockdown and secretly opened the shop.

“The accused came on motor bike and approached the jewellery shop owner to buy a gold chain. They showed the money to the shop owner. As soon as he opened the shop and vault, the accused took the owner at gun point and took all the jewelleries from the shop,” said Ravi Shankar, an investigating officer of the town police station.

“The owner of the shop claims that the jewelleries worth Rs 8 lakh were taken away from the shop. We have CCTV footage of the accused but their identities are not ascertained as they were wearing face masks,” he said.