Jigar Saraiya: Without Pritam, our journey as Sachin-Jigar wouldn’t have been the same


Jigar Saraiya, of music composer duo Sachin-Jigar, has heaped praises on their mentor Pritam Chakraborty. He has also credited Pritam for nurturing their experimental nature with regards to their music.

Commenting on Pritam’s exemplary blend of commercial viability and artistry, Jigar said, “Pritam is a mixture of commerce and art. His business sense is as impeccable as his creativity. He has survived all the setbacks and has been victorious throughout.”

Lauding his mentor’s brave choices, Jigar said, “He has always taken the lead in terms of changing the soundscape of our film music. Of course, he has failed in his bid to change the sound, but if he has failed ten times, he has been successful the eleventh time.”

Summing up their learnings from him, the music composer said, “What we (Sachin and Jigar) have learnt from him is that never follow someone, always create your own niche and be unfazed by failure. Without Pritam, our journey as Sachin-Jigar wouldn’t have been the same, he’s everything for us.”

Sachin and Jigar have assisted Pritam and programmed his soundtracks in the early 2000s. The two made their foray as an independent music composer duo after getting a push from their mentor, who advised them to explore and enhance their craft by taking a leap of faith.



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