Jinnah mindset won’t work now, says BJP’s CT Ravi


Reacting to the bandh call given by Muslim organisations against verdict on wearing of hijab in classrooms, BJP National General Secretary C.T. Ravi on Thursday said that people need to shed the Jinnah mindset.

“They did the same thing after the Supreme Court verdict in the Shah Bano case. Then Congress government under the leadership of Rajiv Gandhi succumbed to their pressure. This is not the time to continue with your agenda,” Ravi said.

“Come out of Jinnah mindset and inculcate Indinaness. The Jinnah agenda won’t work now,” he said.

“If they think that they can threaten courts, courts would not bother, if they think they can threaten the government, it is not possible. This is BJP government which sees the national interest as paramount,” he explained.

If the verdict is as per their wishes, they will talk about Constitution and courts. If they get reverse judgment, they talk about their agenda, Ravi said.

“This is not a government which will bog down, it is also not possible to create any fear in the government,” he stated.

Muslim organisations have given a bandh call on Thursday against the verdict of the special bench of the Karnataka High Court which banned hijab in classrooms. The police have deployed tight security in the sensitive areas.



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