Jisoo recollects sprinting with camera attached to her for ‘Snowdrop’


BLACKPINK’S Jisoo, who made her acting debut with the character of Eun Yeong-ro in the currently streaming South Korean drama series ‘Snowdrop’, recently shared an anecdote from the sets where she had to run with a camera attached to her.

The director decided to keep the cinematographer and the focus puller away from Jisoo’s vicinity and rigged the camera to her front to lend authenticity to the shot. A ‘snorricam’, (a camera attached to the subject) gives a unique perspective to the audience as it closely follows every minor body mechanism and movement.

While talking about the best anecdotes from the set that made it a memorable experience, Jisoo said, “I have different answers to this question every time it’s asked. What comes to mind right now is the scene from the first episode where Yeong-ro runs to receive a phone call, which is supposed to be a big deal at dormitories. I enjoyed filming that scene.”

Further revealing, she said, “I ran with the camera attached to my front because if we had had a cameraman run with me, the end result would not match my movements, especially when I’m sprinting. I was curious to see the result and shared a laugh with everyone else when we watched it together, so it stayed with me.”



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