Jiya Shankar: Fashion is the armour to survive reality of everyday life


Actress Jiya Shankar, who is currently part of the show “Kaatelal & Sons”, is a fashion enthusiast and loves to keep herself updated with the latest trends. She says her habit helps make life interesting.

“I have a been fashion enthusiast since I was in school. I believe fashion is the armour to survive the reality of everyday life,” she says.

The actress adds that following trends is important for all actors.

“Even my profession as an artiste demands the knowhow of the ongoing fashion trends because whenever we attend any events, it is imperative for an artiste to know what they would like to wear and what their fans would also like them to carry,”she adds.

Jiya cites her fashion icon, too. “If we are talking about fashion and not talking about Sonam Kapoor, it would be a crime. She is the one who changed the meaning of fashion for all the girls out there,” she claims.

Keeping herself updated with the latest in the fashion industry is a stressbuster for the actress.

“I always keep track of all the latest fashion trends in India and around the globe. It is my daily ritual to read online fashion magazines. Keeping in touch with my love for fashion is a stressbuster for me. I might not like the trends that are making headlines, but I still I read about them to keep myself informed. Fashion is a form of expression and I would always continue to express myself through my own fashion statement. In future, I wish to start my own fashion label and pursue this passion more diligently,” she says.

“Kaatelal & Sons” airs on Sony SAB.