J&K BJP issues notice to its Minority Morcha president

The disciplinary committee of the BJP in Jammu and Kashmir on Tuesday issued a notice to the president of its Minority Morcha in J&K, directing him to explain within 48 hours about a letter indicating the appointment of Talib Hussain, a Laskhar terrorist who was arrested on Sunday, as incharge of the Minority Morcha IT cell.

The notice addressed to Minority Morcha chief Shiekh Bashir read:

“It has come to the notice of the disciplinary committee that a letter is circulating in media which indicates that you had appointed one Talib Hussain as an official of the Minority Morcha, who has been found involved in terror activities. On inquiry, it has been found that neither such appointment was authorised by the party president, nor it was issued by the media cell of the party which is the central monitoring unit of the party in Jammu & Kashmir.

“You are directed to explain your position on the above issue within 48 hours. Please clarify whether you issued the order in favour of a person who is not even a primary member of the party as per official records, without checking the credentials of the person. If issued, please explain the circumstances in which order was issued.

“Your act of indiscpline, if the order is issued by you, has brought adverse publicity to the party and is against the national interest . Your reply should reach the disciplinary committee within 48 hours, failing which appropriate action will be recommended against you to the party president.”




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