Sunday, July 14, 2024

J&K govt dismisses four employees for anti-national activities

The Jammu and Kashmir government on Wednesday dismissed four of its employees for anti-national activities.

Invoking article 311 (2) (c) of the Constitution, the J&K government dismissed four employees including a police constable, a laboratory bearer, a teacher and an assistant professor of medicine.

The doctor dismissed today is Nissar-ul-Hassan, who is the president of Doctors Association of Kashmir (DAK).

“The dismissal of these government employees follows their involvement with the forces those work against India by spreading malicious propaganda,” officials said.

The process of dismissal of government employees was started in J&K in 2022 when the UT government forced a committee that was empowered to investigate allegations of government employees’ involvement in anti-national activities.

The committee was empowered to recommend the dismissal of such employees from government service.

So far, 50 government employees, against whom the committee found sufficient evidence, have been sacked.



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