J&K Police CID launches portal to report on criminal activities


The Jammu and Kashmir Police’s CID has launched a portal to enable citizens to report instances and information about criminal, unlawful or suspicious activities in their neighborhood, officials said on Tuesday.

The portal, managed end-to-end by the CID, is a key initiative towards prevention of crime and strengthening peace and security in Jammu & Kashmir. The portal is available for access at the URL: https://cid.jk.gov.in

“Through this portal, citizens can now report information about criminal, unlawful or suspicious activities in their neighborhood. The portal also allows the citizens to share information anonymously,” police said.

“CID is recording every single instance of threat or intimidation to any person directly or indirectly (through telephone call, WhatsApp message, email or social media or poster or web-portal or any other mode).”

Police said citizens are invited to report any intimidation, preferably with details such as date and time of telephone call vide which threat was conveyed, telephone number including virtual number used by criminal, application used etc.

“It is also helpful if the voice or conversation of the criminal is recorded which CID will obtain separately to compare it with the voice library to identify the criminal,” police said.

“The portal thus is expected to play an active role in policing their neighborhood and contribute to building a safer society.

The portal also has a facility to seek information about progress in Passport and Service verifications.”



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