J’khand: Dalit houses demolished, families thrown out

A group of Muslim strongmen at a village in Jharkhand’s Palamu district allegedly demolished the houses of Dalit families and forced them to leave the locality, claiming their houses were built on land that belonged to a Madarsa.

The incident took place on Monday in Murumatu village. The Dalit families were residing there in the houses — mostly made of mud and straw — for almost 3-4 decades.

None of the members of the community is said to be literate, and they make ends meet by begging, or by engaging in some petty jobs.

When the Dalits resisted attempts to demolish their houses, they were allegedly roughed up. Besides, they were forcefully made to board two vehicles, and later off-loaded and abandoned near a forest.

The Dalits somehow managed to reach a police station and complained about the matter.

They alleged that the Muslim strongmen often used to assault them, and also pressurised them to vacate the village.

The police said the matter pertains to a land dispute, adding that action would be initiated after investigation.




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