Job aspirant tries to set himself afire outside Bihar Minister’s home


A STET qualified candidate tried to set himself afire outside Bihar Education Minister Vijay Kumar Chaudhary’s residence in Patna on Friday evening, police said.

A large number of STET qualified candidates assembled outside the minister’s official residence, seeking recruitment in the department, and there was a scuffle with police posted there.

One of the protesters named Anil Kumar then sprinkled petrol on his body and tried to set himself afire using a match box. The police personnel present at the spot, immediately snatched away the match box and overpowered him.

“We have arrested the protestor on the charge of attempting suicide in public place. Further investigation is underway,” said the officer, who overpowered Anil Kumar.

As policemen took him away, Anil Kumar said: “The Education Minister is challenging the Constitution of the country. The department has given advertisements for the counselling which the Education Minister has changed.”

“This government has no intention to give employment to us. Hence, you should shoot me or I would gun down Vijay Kumar Chaudhary,” he added.

Another STET passed candidate Rajesh Singh said: “We came here to fight for our rights and police personnel are beating us with batons. What is our fault?”

Earlier, a large number of candidates who have passed the examination of Amin (bailiff), demonstrated in a half naked state outside the residence of Land Reforms Minister Ram Surat Rai in Patna as well.

Abhishek Kumar, one of the qualified candidates, said: “The Bihar government had held an examination in 2019 wherein 5,000 candidates qualified. The Department has given jobs to 3,000, but left out the remaining 2,000 candidates.”

The agitated candidates finally went to the RJD office to register their complaints. They have interacted with Tejashwi Yadav and Tej Pratap Yadav who have given assurance of help.



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