Jaipur, Sep 11 (IANS) Former school teacher Suresh Ghotwal, 43, has been compelled to sell his paintings on Jaipur’s streets to fight joblessness during the pandemic.

Speaking to IANS, Ghotwal said he lost his job two months back as the management at a private school in which he was teaching wasn’t happy with his lenient approach while dealing with students.

“I had the habit of using ‘please’ while I spoke to students. The school management terminated me from my job and I went jobless just before the lockdown. In the last six months, I’ve exhausted all my savings. So, Monday onwards, I began selling my paintings in front of the Jawahar Kala Kendra,” he said.

He sells his paintings at two price points: Rs 50 and Rs 100. “I am getting a very good response here and am able to sell at least around 10-20 paintings every day,” added Ghotwal.

He is the only breadwinner in the family that includes his wife and two children.

“The painting worth Rs 100 takes too much time. In fact, I can draw 10 paintings worth Rs 50 in the time I draw one painting worth Rs 100. But it’s okay. I need my earnings in place. So I am focusing on earning and taking every other challenge in my stride,” he added.




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