John Stamos always wanted to have kids

Actor John Stamos says his dreams of having a family has come true thanks to his wife Caitlin, with whom he shares their three-year-old son Billy, as he says he always wanted to have children.

“I always wanted to have kids, but I didn’t think I’d meet the right person. And maybe I felt like well, I have everything, I shouldn’t be greedy,” Stamos told People magazine.

“(Finding Caitlin helped me) straighten up my life. I wasn’t deserving of it yet I think. But six years ago, I sobered up and I became a better person. And when Caitlin came around, I recognised it immediately. I said, ‘I have to be good for that to make it work’.”

Despite being parents, the couple still find time for date nights away from their son.

Stamos said: “We surprise each other. Last week, she took me to the Lavender Festival and I absolutely loved it. The simplest things are what we strive to get back into. We can’t imagine what life is like without the little guy, but we dip our toe in. And then we go home to a screaming child.”

Caitlin added: “I forget what the magic ratio is, but I think it’s about having more positive reactions over negative. It’s nice to connect over something else – it’s not always about the kid. We’re still trying to find the balance.”

Stamos feels his “dreams” have “come true” thanks to his wife and their son.

He told People magazine: “(A family) is what I always wanted. My dreams came true 100 times over.”