Jordan to lift Friday lockdown

Jordan has decided to lift the Friday lockdown and reopen public parks from April 30.

At a press conference in Amman, Jordan’s Minister of State for Media Affairs Sakher Dudin said that the partial curfew would remain in place, but the worshippers will be allowed to head to mosques on foot for Isha (night) and Taraweeh (night optional) prayers.

He stressed that all precaution measures taken by the government, including speeding up the vaccination campaign and restricting movements, aim to reach a “safe summer” that would enable Jordan to open all sectors at the beginning of July, the Xinhua news agency reported.

The minister added that the government is keen on resuming in-class education for schools and universities as of September, noting that the government has already started a vaccination campaign for some 160,000 teachers in a bid to ensure their safety and that of students.

Besides, Health Minister Feras Hawari said that any government procedure needs two to three weeks to reflect on the epidemiological status, stressing that the global epidemiological status makes cautiousness and attention necessary.

Hawari said that 200,000 people have failed to show up on schedule to take their first vaccine doses.

Jordan on Wednesday reported 1,910 new Covid-19 cases with 47 deaths, bringing the caseload to 708,265 and the death toll to 8,754.