Joy Beyhar: I’ve had sex with ghosts and never got pregnant

TV star Joy Beyhar, who has been married to Steve Janowitz since 2011 but has daughter, Eve, 51, with late ex-husband Joseph Behar, was appearing in her regular role as a host on ‘The View’ alongside her co-stars and was discussing a Texas woman who worries that her home is “haunted” by apparitions because it was once the site of a brothel.

The ‘Ugly Betty’ actresss, 80, quipped: “So, let me help you out here. She’s having a sexual hallucination, which, you know, we all have them. I’ve had sex with a few ghosts and never got pregnant!”

Fellow panellist and ‘Sister Act’ star Whoopi Goldberg was unsure how many of the studio audience managed to catch Joy’s quip but was just going to “let it ride,” reports

She said: “I’m just gonna let that ride. I don’t know how many of you heard what Joy just said but I’m gonna let it ride.”

Meanwhile, the former ‘Say Anything’!’ host, who has appeared almost continuously on ‘The View’ since its inception in 1997, recently rejected claims made by actress Dame Judi Dench that Netflix hit ‘The Crown’ is “cruelly unjust” for failing to disclose to viewers that the drama series is not an entirely accurate depiction of the history of the monarchy.

She said: “This dame disagrees with Dame Judi Dench, because they tell you at the top that it is not a documentary, and if you have a brain, you can figure out that the writers have used history. If it’s documented history, then we can believe it,” added Behar, “but we’re not going to believe a conversation that’s going on in the bedroom of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip. Nobody was there but the two of them, so you don’t believe that part. But the historical part, you believe!”




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