Judicial activism forces K’taka BJP to clean up its image


Karnataka is witnessing a spate of positive developments, thanks to High Court judge Justice H.P. Sandesh who has exposed the “nexus” between the ruling government and bureaucracy.

“I am a farmer’s son. I will go back to farming, I don’t need to stick on to this job,” he announced in the open court while lashing out at the ruling BJP and Karnataka Police Department for their inaction in major cases of corruption.

Justice Sandesh’s observations forced the ruling BJP government which was mired in calculations of upcoming Assembly elections less than 10 months in the state to act.

The state witnessed arrest of on duty senior IPS officer ADGP Amrit Paul and on duty IAS officer, former Bengaluru Urban DC J. Manjunath. The arrest of an on duty IPS officer of the rank of ADGP was made for the first time in the history causing severe embarrassment to the state police department.

The authorities had turned a blind eye to the alleged involvement of top bureaucrats. Though, fingers and evidence pointed out the clear role of Amrit Paul in the Police Sub-Inspector (PSI) Recruitment Scandal, the state government had washed its hands off by transferring him.

The Criminal Investigation Department (CID), which is probing the scandal, did not seem to take action against the senior IPS officer. On the other hand, though the arrested accused stated that he had received a bribe on the instructions of the Deputy Commissioner of Bengaluru Urban district, the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) officers were hesitant to name him in the FIR.

Justice Sandesh rapped the probing agency which resulted in first making DC Manjunath as the 4th accused and followed by his arrest. The two developments made the entire state take note of judicial activism. The common people, progressive thinkers hailed the bold statements of Justice Sandesh. Even ruling BJP leaders off the record expressed their agreement with what Justice Sandesh has remarked.

Dr B. P. Mahesh Chandra Guru, former Professor, Dean and activist, while talking to IANS stated that democracy is surviving in the country mainly because of judicial activism and accountability.

“It is due to the creative and active role of the judiciary, democracy is intact. Progressive thinkers and common people should join their hands with the judiciary to protect the constitution and democratic system,” he reiterated.

“The activism of the judiciary has brought immense happiness. The statements of the Supreme Court Chief Justice N.V. Ramana and High Court Justice Sandesh have been made after careful consideration of existing situations and timely,” he says. CJI Ramana observed that the judiciary is only answerable to the constitution.

Mahesh Chandra Guru states that since many years money and caste power are visibly dominating the political scenario. The public administration is at a crossroads, politicians are not accountable to the judiciary. “Ever since the double engine government has assumed power in the state and at the center, the public order is disturbed,” he explained.

Justice Sandesh had in the open court stated that he is ready to be transferred. “I am ready for it for the good of people. I don’t fear anyone. I am ready to bell the cat. I have not done any property after becoming a judge. I don’t care if I lose the position of judge. I am the son of a farmer. I am ready to till the land. I don’t belong to any political party. I don’t adhere to any political ideology,” he remarked in the open court.

“Are you protecting the public or the tainted? The black coat is not for the protection of the corrupt. The corruption has become a cancer and it should not reach the 4th stage. What should be done when the fence eats up the crop?” Justice Sandesh questioned.

Commenting on the Police Sub-Inspector Recruitment Scandal, Justice Sandesh stated that the crime is heinous than a murder and equated it to terrorism. “In case of a murder one person dies. Here, 50,000 candidates are put to difficulty. If every recruitment is made in the same fashion, do you want the court to sit quiet?

He further stated that PSI Recruitment Scandal is a terrorism unleashed on society. The society and common people are hailing judicial activism and extending their support. A Public Interest Litigation (PIL) has been submitted demanding probe on threat of transfer to Karnataka High Court sitting judge Sandesh and asking for security cover.



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