Jumbo fancy umbrella could be must for hawking licenses in Kolkata soon

The Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) is going all out to involve 60,000-odd street hawkers in its drive for beatification of the city in a unique way.

The KMC is considering introducing the ownership of a jumbo fancy umbrella by the street hawkers as a requirement while applying for renewal of the licenses or for getting fresh licenses on this count, according to Kolkata Mayor, Firhad Hakim, who is also the state Municipal Affairs and Urban Development Minister.

According to him, generally the street hawkers use black plastic sheets, which are hazardous for the environment, besides being highly inflammable. “So, if the street hawkers concerned use fancy jumbo umbrellas instead, such hazards can be avoided besides adding colours to the hawking zones,” he said.

However, his idea is at the preliminary stage, he added.

Hakim also said that it is the duty of the common citizens to add to the beatification of the city, and similarly the street hawkers also have the same responsibility on this count by keeping their respective stalls clean and giving them a soothing look.

Similarly, he added that KMC will be strict in ensuring that no hawking stall occupies over one-third of footpaths. The street hawkers will also have to ensure that their respective stalls do not encroach the main streets.




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