Justin Bieber says he’s not interested in dating

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Justin Bieber will announce a stadium tour

Justin Bieber, 22, made his grand return to The Ellen DeGeneres Show for the Dec. 5 episode, marking his 26th appearance.

The pop star has obviously formed a pretty close bond with the talk show host, who didn’t waste any time asking the tough questions.

Addressing his relationship status, Ellen began, “I’ll get right to it. Who are you dating?” Justin definitely played it cool, responding, “I am not dating anybody. Single. I’m not really looking either.”

She then switched it up by asking if he used the popular dating app Tinder, to which he responded, “I don’t”.

Ellen continued, “Ok, you sound like you’re in a really good place. You don’t need to be dating right now.” The crooner does give a glimmer of hope for the future by replying, “Not at this very moment.”

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Bieber and Ellen also discussed his career and major accomplishments, taking a quick stroll down memory lane.

Ellen also talked about when he last made an appearance one year ago to announce his Purpose album, which became his biggest of all time! But that’s not all! The pop star will be announcing his first ever U.S stadium tour.

And the members of the audience, who mostly comprised of teenage girls. will each get a free ticket to his show, according to Ellen. There were shrieks and standing ovations.

Ellen asked the Canadian pop star whether he ever gets lonely on the road without a date.

He said it happens sometimes but he has his dog to play with.

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