Kaaranvir Bohra on ‘Lock Upp’: This show has reached a point where it’s getting dirtier

Actor Kaaranvir Bohra, who recently got evicted from the show ‘Lock Upp’ briefs about his journey on the show and how the games inside are getting dirty.

Kaaranvir says: “I love my fans and I thank them for all their support, it means so much to me! I’m also thankful to have gotten out when I did because there are certain levels I won’t stoop to for the sake of content. Now this show has reached a point of getting even dirtier. I believe in playing a game with dignity and a tinge of badass-ness, but we are expected to turn into savages, which is not me.”

“On the other hand, the time I spent in Lock Upp was an amazing experience, and it’s given me wonderful memories which I will cherish always,” he adds.

The game recently saw the blocks being dissolved and the kaidis became individual contestants on the show. This led to instances of violence erupting on the show.

When questioned about not getting the chance to go further in the game, Kaaranvir shares: “There are certain lines that an individual sets for themselves. And I draw that line at ‘violence’. That is something I will never do nor tolerate or encourage. I am a son, husband and a father of 3 daughters and if I can’t stand up for women then what will I teach my children? And I will not betray myself or anyone by resorting to violence on national television.”

Kaaranvir was well on the track of becoming one of the Top 5 contestants on ‘Lock Upp’ before his unfortunate elimination from the show.




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