‘Kabir Mahotsav’ to be held in Varanasi

A Kabir Mahotsav will be held in Varanasi at the end of February, showcasing the life of ‘Sant’ Kabir, the 15th-century Indian mystic poet and seer, whose writings influenced the Bhakti movement.

The Mahotsav will also focus on other Bhakti cult mystics, including Guru Nanak, Gorakhnath and Rahim Das, who were contemporaries of the ‘sant’ poet.

The district administration has forwarded a proposal on holding Kabir Mahotsav between February 23 and 25.

District Magistrate Kaushal Raj Sharma said: “On the state government’s directive, we have prepared a proposal for holding a three-day Kabir Mahotsav and have forwarded it to the culture department to seek state government’s approval.”

As per the plan, the festival will showcase the journey of Kabir’s life.

With the inauguration of the event, a Yatra will also be flagged off from Varanasi, where the mystic poet was born, and culminate at Magahar village in Sant Kabir Nagar district, where he attained salvation.

Many cultural events, exhibition and other activities will also be organized in Kabir Math in Kabir Chaura and areas around Lahartara — a historical pond associated with Kabir’s birth.

“It has also been planned to link the Mahotsav with Sant Kabir’s contemporary poets and saints, like Guru Nanak, Gorakhnath, Rahim Das, Dadu Dayal, Ghasi Das and others, who had connections with Uttar Pradesh, by holding separate events on them as a part of this festival. The government’s approval on it is awaited,” Sharma said.

The traditional celebrations at the birthplace of Sant Ravidas in Shri Govardhanpur area will be comparatively subdued this year due to the pandemic.

Trustee Kishanlal Saroa said NRIs will not be coming this year and the special trains for bringing thousands of pilgrims from different states, have also not been booked this year due to the pandemic.