Kailash Kher compares ‘Swarna Swar Bharat’ contestant Akash Sharma to Sonu Nigam


Famous singer Kailash Kher went on to compare ‘Swarna Swar Bharat’ contestant Akash Sharma with popular singer Sonu Nigam on the show.

This weekend, Akash Sharma from Rewari, Haryana stunned the judges including Kailash Kher, Suresh Wadkar and renowned poet Kumar Vishwas with his singing. Post his performance on ‘Radhike Tune Bansuri Churayi’, he not only got appreciation but standing ovation from the judges.

Kailash Kher mentioned: “I see you full of energy and enthusiasm in every performance that you give on ‘Swarna Swar Bharat’ and one of the most attractive aspects of your personality is that it is like Sonu Nigam. You are almost in tune with him, and you are very similar to him. I believe that you will also be admired by the whole world like he is, and I wish you all the best.”

Kumar Vishwas also added: “I think every contestant on a reality show should be a rockstar and I feel you are the rockstar of ‘Swarna Swar Bharat’. You truly make the audience feel that they should consider you as their favourite idol and I hope you never let that go. You are a complete package and I truly wish you all the best.”

‘Swarna Swar Bharat’ airs on Zee TV.



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