Kajal Pisal distributes Oximeter, water filters to less fortunate


Actress Kajal Pisal is distributing water filters and oximeters to people who can’t afford to buy such devices.

“Oximeter is now important for us. Many of us can afford it but there are people who can’t afford to buy the device. I’m trying to help by distributing it. Apart from this, the most essential thing that we need is fresh drinking water. I’m trying to arrange filters for each house in the slums. I request people to help the less fortunate during this time of crisis. Kindness is need of the hour,” she says.

Kajal says she understands the pain of people who are losing their family members to Covid-19.

“It’s sad and I can relate to the pain of people losing their family to the virus. It’s hard to accept such a death. So, it’s time to fight together and help each other,” says Kajal, who is known for featuring in television series like “Saath Nibhaana Saathiya”, “Bade Achhe Lagte Hain” and “Durga: Mata Ki Chhaya”.