Kalinga Literature Festival Book Awards 2022 announced

The Kalinga Literary Festival (KLF) Book Awards 2022 have been announced. Well-known writers, including Sanjeev Sanyal, Hindol Sengupta, Ranjit Hoskote, Akshaya Mukul, and Pravin Kumar, among several others, will receive the awards for their recent works.

The awards will goven in various categories, including non-fiction, fiction poetry books, books in Hindi, translation, books on business, environment, sports, lifestyle, biography/autobiography, children’s books, and emerging trend, among others.

The awardees were selected from books submitted by the publishers all these categories. The winner will be felicitated and awarded during the annual Kalinga Literary Festival (KLF) which is scheduled to be held in Bhubaneswar from February 24-26.

Sanjeev Sanyal’s ‘Revolutionaries: The Other Story of How India Won its Freedom’; Kailash Satyarthi’s ‘Tum Pehle Kyon Nahi Aaye’; Hindol Sengupta’s ‘Sing, Dance and Pray: The Inspirational Story of Srila Prabhupada Founder-Acharya of ISKCON’; Ranjit Hoskote’s ‘Hunchprose’; Pravin Kumar’s ‘Amar Desva’; Akshaya Mukul’s ‘Writer, Rebel, Soldier, Lover: The Many Lives of Agyeya’, among others, have been selected for 2022 KLF Book Awards.

“We received hundreds of fantastic books and the jury members had a difficult time in choosing the best in each category. The path-breaking and thought-provoking contributions have been identified as the best representatives in their respective categories. The objective of KLF Book Awards has been to contribute to debates and discourses in the national and global literary public sphere and encourage more reflective, thoughtful, and inspiring contributions,” said Rashmi Ranjan Parida, Founder and Director of Kalinga Literary Festival.

Sanjeev Sanyal’s ‘Revolutionaries: The Other Story of How India Won its Freedom’ and Akshaya Mukul’s ‘Writer, Rebel, Soldier, Lover: The Many Lives of Agyeya’ have been selected for non-fiction award in English. For Hindi, Kailash Satyarthi’s ‘Tum Pehle Kyon Nahi Aaye’ and Akhilesh’s ‘AKS’ have been picked for the award.

The KLF fiction book award in English and Hindi went to Navtej Sarna’s ‘Crimson Spring’ and Pravin Kumar’s ‘Amar Desva’, respectively. In the poetry category, Ranjit Hoskote’s ‘Hunchprose’ got the award for English while Pankaj Chaturvedi’s ‘Aakash Mein Ardhachandra’ got selected it for Hindi.

Piyush Pandey’s ‘Open House’ has been selected for business book award, while KLF First book award will go to Farah Bashir for his work ‘Rumours of Spring’, Sumit Sharma Sameer’s ‘Wake Up Ali… Wake Up Now’, Pradeep Baishakh’s ‘Faces of Inequality: Stories of the poor and underprivileged from India’s grassroots’.

The women/dalit/tribal/minorities literature award has been won by ‘Machhliyan Gayengi Ek Din Pandumgeet’ by Poonam Vasam, while Zarin Virji’s ‘Gopal’s Gully’ has been selected for children’s book award.




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