Kallakuruchi violence: Loss of Rs 10 cr for TN school

Chennai, July 21 ( IANS) The mob violence that led to extensive torching and vandalising of Shakthi International School has led to an approximate loss of around Rs 10 crore.

The school was vandalised and torched on Sunday following the suicide of a Class 12 girl student from the third floor of the school hostel.

While the student committed suicide on July 13, the vandalising and arson took place on Sunday from 9.30 a.m. to 2.30 p.m.

Fire Force officer Kannan, who led a team of fire and rescue personnel to the scene, while speaking to IANS pointed out: “When we reached the spot, we found parts of school burning and gutted buses. We tried to douse the fire by spraying water, but stones were being pelted on us and we had to quit. We changed clothes and waited in mufti till the issue settled down after police action began.”

The fire officer said that 17 school buses, two tractors, a generator, a police bus, two earth movers, 30 bikes, and three cars, including a luxury one, were damaged. A total of 170 classrooms in the school were destroyed and most of the buildings in the school have developed cracks. Classes cannot be resumed now, he said.

The computer room which accommodated 100 students was also destroyed totally. More than 500 ceiling fans were damaged and the Fire department is assessing the losses.

Fire officer Kannan while speaking to IANS underlined: “The fire department has to give a No Objection certificate for the classes to resume but the school is now totally damaged and buildings have developed cracks and can crumble down. We will have to do a detailed damage study and the school have to do proper renovation so that the clearance is given.”

Parents and worried on the resuming of classes as it will take a minimum of one to two months for the renovation.

The new superintendent of Police, Kallakurichi district, R. Pakalavan, who assumed office on Wednesday, had told mediapersons that all those behind the violence would be brought before the law of the land and no one will be spared. The law of the land will be implemented in the area.

R. Pakalavan visited the school and its premises and spoke to a section of people.

More than 220 people, including people from Western Tamil Nadu, have been arrested in connection with the violence.

Madras High Court had blamed the police for the incident. Justice Satish Kumar in an open court said that this would make people believe that Tamil Nadu has turned into a lawless land.

Immediately after the court’s observation, the Kallakurichi district collector P.N. Sridharan and district superintendent of police M. Selvakumar were transferred.




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