Kamal Haasan’s video call to fan battling brain cancer goes viral

A video call made by actor turned politician Kamal Haasan to a die-hard fan of his, who is battling brain cancer, went viral with social media appreciating the gesture of the 66-year-old Superstar.

Saketh, a young professional who was diagnosed with third-stage brain cancer, was in for a surprise when he received a video call from Kamal Haasan on Wednesday.

Saketh is nicknamed among his friends and family as “Virumandi” after the super character of Kamal Haasan in a movie by the same name released in 2004.

The fan turned visibly emotional when he found that the caller was indeed Kamal Haasan. After the initial shock and surprise, Saketh asked him how he was and how his family was, Hasaan promptly replied, “I am speaking to one”. The fan was visibly moved by the gesture.

Saketh told the superstar that he would fight against the disease and come back to life for his newborn child and thanked Hasaan for having made his life much nicer. The die hard fan also told the superstar that his foray into politics was a good one and that he will taste success by the next elections.

Haasan interacted with Saketh and his family members for more than ten minutes and shared words of encouragement with them. Sandhya Vaidyanathan, a cousin of Saketh, had approached the office of Kamal Haasan to fulfill the wish of Saketh, a die-hard fan of his.

In her social media post, Sandhya said, “I am grateful to the team of Kamal Sir’s office who made this possible. This is great and I am really happy.”