Kamal Nath takes dig at MP CM’s 24-hr health satyagraha


Former Madhya Pradesh chief minister Kamal Nath has taken a dig at Shivraj Singh Chouhan sitting on a 24-hour health satyagraha near Gandhi statue at Minto Hall here in view of the rising cases of coronavirus. The chief minister said he will continue to work from there, holding meetings with the cabinet via video conferencing and monitoring the Covid situation.

Starting the sit-in, Chief Minister Chouhan said, “We must take this resolution today that we all will always wear masks and tell others to do the same too. Today I am sitting on a health satyagraha for 24 hours. I will not only sit, but will continue to do all the work including monitoring the Covid situation.”

Lashing out at the CM, Kamal Nath said whenever the people of the state need him the most, Shivraj ji instead of facing the challenges, diverts people’s attention by fasting or holding Satyagraha.

Referring to earlier incidents, Kamal Nath said, “When several farmers were killed in police firing in Pipalya Mandi in Mandsaur, they kept calling him, but instead of going there, Shivraj ji sat on fast in Bhopal.”

He further said, “Today when the people need the government at this time of Covid crisis, as people are not getting treatment in hospitals, there is shortage of doctors, there are no beds available in hospitals, no vaccination in many districts, even not enough testing is done, the chief minister is sitting on Satyagraha to divert the attention of the people. I fail to understand how corona will go away by this 24-hour satyagraha?”