Kangana on B-Town female colleagues: ‘Why they gang up on me?’


Actress Kangana Ranaut on Friday alleged that she has not received any support or praise from female colleagues in the film industry, and revealed the reason why she is on Twitter.

“There is not a single actress in this industry who I have not supported or praised here is the proof, but non of them ever showed any support or praise for me, have you ever thought why? Why they gang up on me? Why this conspiracy to look through me and my work? Think hard,” Kangana Ranaut tweeted.

Her tweet came in reaction to a fan page which shared a video where Kangana is appreciating other Bollywood actresses.

In a separate tweet, Kangana alleged that other actresses never turn up for her film previews even though she attends theirs.

She wrote: “As you can see how comfortably I go for their movie previews when they invite by calling and messaging me directly, they send flowers and pamper me to sky and when I call them for my previews they don’t even take my calls now I bajao them every day cause that’s what they deserve.”

Reacting to Kangana’s tweet, a fan wrote: “I see that you made earnest efforts to maintain harmony among your peers, but it seems like they never had the grace to reciprocate the same warmth…”

To this, the actress replied: “Agree, I always indulged in my craft to an extent that I had no sense of time and space whenver I emerged from my little bubble I saw horrible PR around me by these women trying to make me look insecure and unsupportive, hence decided to be here on twitter for seedhi baat no bakwas (straight talk and no rubbish).”