Kangana pens emotional letter to mom on Mother’s Day

Ailing Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut penned an emotional letter to her mother on the occasion of Mother’s Day.

Taking to her Instagram account, Kangana shared a throwback black and white photograph of her mom and wrote:

“Dear Mother

When I left home did not expect the world to go dark suddenly, occasionally called home papa asked so many questions siblings had their own doubts but whenever you spoke, you anxiously asked only one thing, What did you eat beta? Who is cooking for you ? Where you get your food from ? Mom that always moved me to tears. In the moments of despair I reminded myself no matter what happens there is one person who will always love me and that gave me immense strength to fight and build my own destiny Mother. I love you so much. Happy Mother’s Day. Yours, Chotu.”

Kangana on Saturday shared the news that she has tested positive for Covid-19 and has quarantined herself. “I was feeling tired and weak with slight burning sensation in my eyes for past few days, was hoping to go to Himachal so got my test done yesterday and today the result came I am covid positive,” Kangana informed via an Instagram post.