Lucknow, March 22 (IANS) Family members of Bollywood singer Kanika Kapoor are now questioning the medical report which declared her as coronavirus positive.

Talking to media persons, one of the family members who requested anonymity, said that the report mentioned Kanika’s age as 28 whereas she is 41. The report says that her gender is ‘male’.

The family also wanted to know why Kanika’s report was leaked to the media and then went viral on the social media.

“The identity of other coronavirus patients is not being disclosed but in Kanika’s case, this practice was not followed. We are being hounded and trolled by the public and the government is directly responsible for it,” the member said.

The member also questioned the statement issued by the hospital where the singer has been admitted. “A hospital never issues the kind of statement which it has. It seems that the entire issue is designed to bring us down,” he said.




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