Kannada actress Rishika Raj donates hair to cancer patients, wins hearts


Popular actress Rishika Raj, who shot to fame after ‘Tagaru’, has donated 14 inches of her hair for cancer patients.

The gesture was instantly applauded by Netizens, who expressed the hope that the gesture would motivate others also to donate their hair.

Rishika’s donation was a part of a programme organised in Mysuru by the Hair and Beauty Association in the memory of the late Kannada superstar, Puneeth Rajkumar. As many as 70 donors participated in the programme, which Rishika had inaugurated.

The actress stated that she was very happy to donate her hair to cancer patients. “Like ‘vidyadaan’ (gift of education) and ‘kanyadaan’ (giving away one’s daughter to the son-in-law), ‘keshdaan’ (hair donation) is also important,” she said in her statement.

The actress added: “I have seen many of my friends and relatives being affected by cancer. The patients lose their hair after undergoing chemotherapy. That is very painful to watch. God has blessed us with good health and good hair, so I am donating.”

After actress Rishika Raj inaugurated the programme and donated her hair, as many as 70 donors have come forward to donate their hair to cancer patients.



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