Kannada star Duniya Vijay plays villain against NBK in ‘Veera Simha Reddy’

Kannada hero Duniya Vijay’s negative role against Telugu super star Balakrishna, better known by his initials NBK, in ‘Veera Simha Reddy’ has won the hearts of his fans in Karnataka.

The actor is overwhelmed with the response he is getting for his main villain role in the superhit movie.

Balakrishna has a large fan base in Karnataka and Duniya Vijay is a popular action hero in the state. Vijay’s fans were sceptical of his presentation and of his decision to play the villain’s role.

After the film’s release, Duniya Vijay’s fans are celebrating his role and appreciating his acting against the super star Balakrishna. Fans are holding special shows and inviting Duniya Vijay to watch the movie with them in the state.

Balakrishna also appreciated his acting. Overwhelmed by the response, Duniya Vijay stated that if there is depth in the character and scope for acting against the main role, he is ready to play the villain in Telugu movies.




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