Kanye West’s Instagram account suspended following his racial slur to Trevor Noah

Kanye West, or Ye, as he wants to be known, is facing a suspension from Instagram for 24 hours because he violated Instagram’s policy on bullying, hate speech and harassment.

As per ‘The Hollywood reporter’, Instagram suspended the account after West posted a racial slur for Trevor Noah in response to the latter’s talk where he was openly supportive of Kim Kardashian in the feud happening between Kardashian and West.

As per the rules, for 24 hours, Kanye will not be able to post, comment or send DMS to anyone. The post in question has also been taken down by Instagram because it was a clear violation of their policies. According to ’The Hollywood Reporter’ though, the post contained the lyrics of the song ‘Kumbaya’ but the word was replaced by another word which was considered to be racist and offensive.

Kanye’s attack was brought on by the fact that ‘The Daily Show’ Host talked about the controversy brewing between Kim, her current boyfriend Pete Davidson and Ye. Trevor Noah said that Kardashian was facing harassment and said that “What she’s going through is terrifying to watch and shines a spotlight on what so many women go through when they choose to leave.”

Soon after the comments Kanye took to his Instagram to post the offensive message for Trevor Noah, which was taken down and Kanye’s Instagram was suspended for 24 hours.

Kanye has also been busy slamming Pete Davidson. He recently also shared one portion of his Eazy music video which included a Claymation that looked a lot like Pete Davidson and captioned it, “Ya’ll ready for Coachella.”

The attack from Ye seems relentless as he also commented that he was worried Pete Davidson (who has been open about his struggle with addiction) will get Kim “hooked on to drugs”.

He also posted that he was worried about his daughter and saying she needed ‘God’ because she had some eclectic pins on her backpack. This was the post that prompted Kim to finally break her silence and respond to Ye’s attacks by telling him to “Stop with the false narrative”.



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