Karachi Port evacuated after 2 labourers killed offloading soybean

The Karachi Port was evacuated after bodies of two labourers were found in the basement of a ship docked at the port.

The ship, bearing the call sign WEIHE, was carrying Soybean, Samaa TV reported.

District Keamari Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Fida Hussain Janwari said that Karachi Port Trust (KPT) authorities have informed the police that bodies of two labourers were found from a ship carrying Soybean.

The police went to the crime scene and recovered the bodies.

The victims were identified as Aslam and Muhammad Hassan. SSP Janwari said that the victims belonged to District Badin and were labourers by profession. “The incident took place during offloading of Soybean,” SSP added.

SSP Janwari said apparently it seems that the victims died due to suffocation. However, he said, the cause of death could only be confirmed once a post-mortem is conducted.

District Keamari Deputy Commissioner Mukhtar Abro said that the rescue operation has been initiated. Abro said that the rescuers were finding it difficult to clear the ship due to suffocation.

DC Kaemari said that there is a shortage of oxygen, however, local authorities are trying their best to ensure supply of oxygen.

In February 2020, a toxic gas leak killed 14 people and left over 500 sick, including doctors.

University of Karachi’s International Centre for Chemical and Biological Sciences had said that a soybean container at Keamari Port was the likely cause.




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