Kareena Kapoor Khan’s driver runs over a photographer’s leg; her attitude infuriates netizens


Kareena Kapoor Khan paid a visit to her friend Malaika Arora’a house last evening. For the unversed, Malaika Arora was in a car accident over the weekend when her car collided with two others on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway.

She was thankfully unhurt, barring a few stitches and on Sunday, she was discharged from the hospital. Since then, her boyfriend, Arjun Kapoor, her sister, Amrita Arora and other celebrities and friends have been paying a visit to her home.

Therefore, last evening, i.e., on April 4, Kareena Kapoor Khan paid a visit to Malaika Arora. However, there was an unfortunate incident that occurred as she was leaving from Malaika’s place.

As was expected, there were several photographers and reporters from several media houses, waiting outside Malaika Arora’s apartment to capture exclusive picture and videos of the celebrities who were visiting.

As Kareena walked towards her car, through the melee of reporters, there was a loud cry ahead of her. Startled when she looked it seemed like, as her driver was backing up the car, it ran over the leg of one of the press members (likely a photographer).

Kareena was naturally startled, and she automatically yelled ‘Sambhaalke’ (be careful). When she saw that a person was injured, she frantically told her driver “Peeche jaao” (back up the car) so that her driver doesn’t cause any more accidents.

She then left in her car. When this video was circulated, netizens mistakenly assumed that Kareena was rather heartless and did not even care for the injured person.

However, fact is, she wasn’t screaming at the injured person, she was making sure her driver doesn’t cause any more accidents. And she did tell the injured person, to take care and not run. Kareena is among the few celebrities who generally always stops and obliges the press when they want to take pictures.

As to why she didn’t stay back to ask after the injured person, all through the incident, even as the photographer got injured, the shutterbugs wouldn’t stop filming or clicking her pictures. Her presence would in fact delay the treatment of the injured person.

Often celebrities are judged too harshly all too quickly: In this case, perhaps the trolling that came Kareena Kapoor Khan’s way was misplaced and unnecessary.


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