‘Karl’ was Jack Quaid’s safe word on sets of ‘The Boys’

As the third season of the superhero series ‘The Boys’ nears its release, Jack Quaid and Karl Urban from the show recollected an incident from a chase sequence of the second season when the motorboat carrying Quaid and Urban actually crashed headfirst into a massive whale.

And a petrified Quaid had one of the most unusual safe words ever ‘Karl’.

That’s because Quaid rode a motorboat for the first time and the crew had Urban to help Quaid get over his fright by calling Karl thrice. However, the loud helicopter following the boat to shoot the entire scene was to blame, as Urban couldn’t hear Quaid shouting his name. And the plan failed.

Talking about the incident, Quaid said, “The fact that we got to go through the whale at all is insane. I’ve never seen it before, I don’t think I’ll ever see it again. The fact that I got to be literally and figuratively in the belly of the whale as an actor is crazy. I loved every second of it, there was a definite top moment for me.”

Confirming the same, Jack said, “But I would say that when we were shooting that, we had Jack Quaid at the front of the speedboat. And the kid’s never done the speedboat before, and he’s like ‘listen’, and we were shooting it on a lake and there are waves and I’m gunning it and we’re going along we’re getting wet. Jack Quaid is pale, and he has a safe word and it’s ‘Karl’, right! Karl, Karl, Karl. Yep, Karl. Three times!”

“He’s in front of the speedboat and we’re gunning it and we’re getting airs, bang bang bang. And he’s screaming at the top of his lungs, KARL! KARL! KARL! and I can’t hear him because we have a helicopter on top”, Karl continued.

“He couldn’t hear a thing,” Jack added.

“I swear, I couldn’t hear a thing. There was a helicopter above us shooting this whole thing. So, our plan failed. At the end of the run, Quaido was white as a sheet. I’ve got a photo of it”, Karl finished.

Season 3 will see new supervillains, unexpected heroes, and new add-ons in the cast. The show will have an episodic release from June 3 exclusively on Prime Video.




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