Karnataka BJP leader says Tipu’s struggle against British can’t be sidelined

Amid threats from Hindu groups and the BJP government’s disinterest, Tipu Sultan Jayanti was celebrated in various parts of Karnataka on Thursday.

Members of the All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM) celebrated Tipu Jayanti in the premises of Idgah Maidan in Hubballi amid the opposition. AIMIM Joint Secretary Vijaya Guntrala and other leaders participated in the programme.

Tipu Sultan’s portrait was garlanded, floral tributes were paid and verses of the holy Quran were read. The AIMIM leaders also shouted slogans hailing Tipu Sultan. After the programme was over, the police immediately shifted the photos, and flexes of Tipu Sultan from the Idgah Maidan grounds.

Meanwhile, breaking from the party stand, BJP MLC H. Vishwanath, participating in Tipu Jayanti in Mysuru, said that no one should attempt to distort the history of Tipu Sultan’s struggle against the British. “Tipu Sultan is a symbol of self-respect of the land. The administration, valour, bravery of Tiger of Mysore, Tipu Sultan can’t be sidelined,” he stated.

“The allegations on Tipu Sultan that he killed 80,000 people and converted 40,000 is fictional. When compared to the population of that age, the argument will not stand. Those who do not know about Tipu Sultan are indulged in propaganda against him,” he said.

Vishwanath also said that Tipu Sultan is the only king who did not kneel down before enemies.

“It does not matter which party you belong to talk about Tipu Sultan. Despite being in BJP, I will say, Tipu is a proud Kannadiga, he is the tiger of Mysore. His personality is above all castes and religion. No one can change history. No matter what is being said, history will not change,” he said.

Opposition leader Siddaramaiah stated that Tipu Sultan was a patriot, brave freedom fighter, efficient administrator, and a tolerant and a model popular leader. “I recall the sacrifice, valor of Tipu Sultan who battered the British empire with all the pride on the occasion of Tipu Jayanthi,” he said.




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