Karnataka minister caught on tapes has no option but to resign: BJP sources


In light of elections in five states and a month-long budget legislature session, the BJP high command has reportedly directed the Karnataka BJP state prominent leaders to ‘convince’ major and medium water resource minister, Ramesh Jarakiholi to resign from his post in a day or two.

A CD was released to all news channels in which Jarakiholi was caught on camera with a woman in a compromising position.

A senior BJP leader from New Delhi told IANS that it is truly embarrassing to face such a scenario during such an hour. “He will be convinced to resign. This is not the first time that anyone who was caught on such tapes, they have been forced to quit or they have quit on their own,” the leader added.

The leader added that no party or leader can defend this kind of issue on public platforms. “We can defend corruption charges or any other criminal charges but no party or no leader can defend this kind of acts, that too when the BJP is gearing up to face elections in five states and a month long legislature session. Only a miracle can save Jarkhiholi from resigning,” he observed.

The leader said that Karnataka chief minister, B. S. Yeduiyurappa had convened a customary cabinet meeting last week itself ahead of the budget session. “This cabinet meeting would be perhaps the last cabinet meeting, if he chooses to attend it,” the leader said.

According to this leader, even when three of our ministers in the past had been caught watching ‘alleged porn clips’ during the legislature session, they too were asked to quit and now the party has given them prominent posts too.

Some time ago, even one Karnataka BJP leader, caught on video tape in a compromising position with a man, now he has got a ministry also. “Therefore, it is certain that Jarakiholi will have to quit now and wait for his turn to make a comeback,” he said.

Meanwhile, seizing the opportunity, the Opposition Congress party launched a sit- in protest in Bengaluru demanding Karnataka chief minister, B. S. Yediyurappa to sack Jarakiholi with immediate effect.