Karnataka to book PFI leaders for delivering hate speech

Taking strong exceptions to the Popular Front of India (PFI) leader’s speech, Karnataka Home Minister Basavaraj Bommai on Friday directed police to file case against PFI leader as he had delivered ‘anti national and hate speech’.

Reacting sharply to a speech by PFI General Secretary Anis Ahmed on commemoration of Popular Front Day at Ullal in the coastal city of Mangaluru on Thursday, the home minister questioned how can the PFI question the integrity of the nation’s one of the foremost patriotic institutions RSS?

“What PFI leader has spoken of is certainly against this country and against the Constitution. It is certainly anti-national speech, hate speech,” he said.

The PFI’s motives are very clear in this speech that it wants to divide people of this country on communal lines, Bommai noted.

He observed that how can the PFI talk about the Ram Mandir, when the matter is disposed off by the Apex Court and permitting the Mandir to be built in the same place.

It all started on Thursday PFI’s Karnataka general secretary, Anis Ahmed slamming the BJP government at the Centre and RSS said that proposed Ram Mandir was not Ram Mandir in truest sense but it is RSS mandir, therefore Muslim across the nation should not contribute a single paisa for that Mandir.

He noted that PFI would continue to be targeted by the union government but the PFI would not succumb to them.

“All our workers who are arrested by the government in false cases are our ‘heroes’,” he said.

He also alleged that RSS was without any doubt India’s real enemy and termed that the RSS was more dangerous than cancer.

“RSS is such a deadly virus for which there is no vaccine yet. We will get that vaccine and administer it at various places. There is no Hindu-Muslim problem in this country, but it is RSS vs Muslim problem in this country,” he said.

He added that RSS should be confronted and not appeased. “RSS is biggest enemy of Hindus. Muslim intellectuals who all the while advocated that by foregoing Babri mosque land peace will prevail. I would like to ask those intellectuals, is peace prevailing now? After handing over land, in the name of collecting funds to Mandi, RSS is attacking Muslims and their businesses. They are not going to stop here, RSS will create communal disturbances. Therefore, muslims must now start confronting RSS,” he said.