Karthick Naren opens up about his ‘Navarasa’ casting

Tamil filmmaker Karthick Naren, who is directing a part of upcoming Tamil anthology “Navarasa”, says that assembling the team for his project was a very organic process.

Karthick is directing one of the segments called, “Project Agni” of the nine-part web series. This short film is about the conversation between two people Aravind Swami and Prasanna.

The 27-year-old director seems quite satisfied with the work of all the actors and says Arvind, Prasanna and Poorna fitted well into the script.

“Assembling the team was very organic which worked for the film. Everything regarding ‘Navarasa’ has been a journey for me. It is a dream film made from an unadulterated sci-fi concept. After Mani Sir had assembled the project, the first people whom I contacted were Arvind Swami Sir and Prasanna. I had worked with the two of them before, so there was no hesitation. Arvind Swami is the kind of person who really improvises on set,” he says.

Talking about the basic premise of “Project Agni”, the director says: “The conversation that Aravind Swami Sir and Prasanna have in this film is a conversation that I had in my mind for a very long time. Prasanna Sir’s character is like that other voice you have in your head. The questions that Prasanna Sir asks and the answers that Aravind Swami gives is an extension of the conflicts a person has in his mind.”

“Navarasa” produced by Mani Ratnam and Jaydendra Panchpakesan will premiere on Netflix on August 6.