Karzai says Taliban have not fulfilled their commitments

Former Afghan President Hamid Karzai has said that the taliban have not fulfilled their commitments on various issues like the education of girls, women’s rights, as well as a decision on the national flag, since they took over the country late last month.

A Khaama News report on Sunday quoted the former leader as saying in a recent interview that during his interactions with the Taliban, he focused mainly on three things — girls’ education, women’s prestige in the Afghan society, and an all-inclusive government.

He added that the people of Afghanistan “need a government in which they can live without intimidation, fear, have good relations with the world, work for development, and let people live in joy”.

“We need a cabinet that represents the entire Afghanistan, women and people from all ethnicities are seen in that, but what the Taliban has declared does not meet the definition.” Karzai said.

The former President further said that people are still afraid about the future of their daughters as the so-called monopolised cabinet has increased concerns among the Afghan citizens.

Karzai, who was President from December 2001 to September 2014, has remained in Kabul following the collapse of the Afghan capital to the Taliban on August 15.