Kashika Kapoor claims to have proof that Pratik Sehajpal tried to delete her scenes


‘Bigg Boss 15’ fame Pratik Sehajpal and actress Kashika Kapoor are making headlines because of the recent statement by the actress during the promotion of their music video ‘Tu Laut Aa’.

Kashika alleged that Pratik tried to edit out her scenes from the video just to overshadow her.

Later the actress tried to clarify her point by saying that it is just a publicity stunt after Pratik was uncomfortable and asked her not to discuss it further. He also threatened to leave the promotional event as the producers tried to stop him.

Kashika, who is being targeted by Pratik’s fans and friends, tried to prove her point and give clarification on her statement by saying: “Girls are a very easy target in our nation. And even now they will blame me for playing the woman card but I’m not.

“The complete case has been named upon me as ‘Kashika Kapoor Controversy’ and I’m completely fine. I’m being targeted by Pratik and his fans and still that is not over. They are passing comments on me on social media, they abused me and asked me to commit suicide, abused my family members and not just that but I got to know that he’s paid a good amount to ruin my name.”

“Apart from that, Big Boss contestants are also coming in support of him since they’re all controversial. I agree if I said something wrong. It was all together new for me, it was the first press conference in my life and I’m just 20. And when you learn that your screen presence has been cut out by someone for their own gain anyone will be hurt and react. I have proof of the complete conversation with the producers who claimed Pratik asked them to delete my scenes,” she added.

This controversy surrounding both grabbed eyeballs and many of

Pratik’s fans, co-stars, and friends came out in support of him.

Karan Kundrra took to twitter and wrote, “On what basis has @realsehajpal been called a ‘criminal’ openly on social media?? Dear whoever you are sir.. let me remind you that according to our country’s law.. you cannot call anyone a criminal until proven by a court of law!! I am amazed how you can harass a legitimate (sic).”

He added: “Hardworking professional by threatening him and defaming him like this.. This is clear harassment and Pratik do not worry.. we are with you! (sic)”

Celebrities such as VJ Andy, Umar Riaz, and Nikki Tamboli also tweeted their support.



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